Test package

Try before you buy

  • A selection of Wikipedia’s 50,000 most demanded articles.
  • Includes complete Raspberry Pi StackExchange archive
  • Fits on a 8GB microSD card
Download via torrent

Wikipedia package

All of Wikipedia, and more

  • The entirety of Wikipedia (6.7 million articles, including images)
  • Plus the Wiktionary (7.9 million entries in 4,200 languages)
  • Plus the complete Raspberry Pi StackExchange archive
  • Fits on a 200 GB microSD card

Preppers package

For all your SHTF needs

  • Dozens of resources on homesteading, water treatment, military and emergency medicine, etc.
  • WikiHow, iFixit, and other repair resources
  • The entire Wikipedia
  • TrailSense and Survival apps for Android, ready to download
  • Fits on a 256 GB microSD card

Computer package

Network down? Not for you

  • The entirety of StackOverflow, plus nearly sixty specialized Stack Exchange Q&A
  • CS lecture notes
  • Python Enhancement Proposals
  • Fits on a 200 GB microSD card

Build your own

Access the full library

  • Unlimited imager access - one month
  • Choose from thousands of websites and apps, and build your own Offspot with Wikipedia, TED videos, the Gutenberg library, StackExchange / StackOverflow, and more!
  • Create as many configurations as you need.
  • Customize your network’s name and dashboard looks
  • Up to 1 TB on a single microSD card